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Spinal Decompression at Corsentino Chiropractic

Patient on decompression tableIf you are experiencing pain and discomfort associated with disc herniations, bulging discs, sciatica, and facet joint syndrome, spinal decompression therapy at Corsentino Chiropractic will help you alleviate pressure on your discs and get you back to living your life as you choose.

Under care from our dedicated chiropractic team, you will feel supported as we help you regain mobility and find your way back to those activities that bring you joy in life without the constant influences of pain and discomfort.

Preparing for Your First Appointment

When you begin spinal decompression treatment, you will be placed on a spinal decompression table. This specialized therapy device treats spinal conditions by creating negative pressure within the spine, which helps alleviate pressure on the intervertebral disc and nerves.

Our chiropractic team will thoroughly explain the procedure before we begin, including how the table works and what you can expect during the session. We encourage open communication and want you to feel comfortable asking us any questions you may have before, during, and after your treatment.

On the day of your appointment, the only thing to do to prepare is to wear comfortable clothing. This will allow you to feel at ease during your treatment.

What to Expect During Your Session

First, you will be positioned on the table, usually lying face-up or face-down, depending on the specific treatment needed. A highly skilled team member will ensure you are comfortable and properly positioned.

You will be fitted with a harness or straps around your pelvis or torso. These harnesses are connected to the decompression table and are used to provide controlled traction.

Once you are properly placed on the table, it’s controlled by the therapist. It slowly and gently stretches the spine, creating negative pressure within the spinal discs. This negative pressure can help retract herniated or bulging discs, relieve pressure on nerves, and promote the influx of nutrients and fluids into the discs for healing.

The therapist will monitor your responses throughout the session and adjust the traction settings as needed. They will ensure that the traction force is within a safe and comfortable range for you.

Treatment sessions typically last between 20 to 30 minutes, although this can vary depending on the patient’s condition and the specific treatment plan prescribed by the healthcare provider.

Relieve Pain and Feel Great

During your appointment, you may find the experience relaxing. The gentle stretching and traction can alleviate pressure and tension in the spine, relieving pain and discomfort.

And, though spinal decompression is not covered by health insurance, we have several convenient payment options available through the practice, including Care Credit.

After the session, you may feel immediate relief from symptoms, although it may take several sessions to achieve optimal results.

Our chiropractor may also recommend complementary therapies or exercises to support your healing process further.

Could You Be Our Next Success Story?

Our practice has many stories of patients who have experienced great benefits from this treatment. You can be our next success story! Schedule an appointment to find out more and move one step closer to alleviating your pain and discomfort and regaining your life from the restrictions of disc pain.

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