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Pregnancy Chiropractic at Corsentino Chiropractic

Pregnant woman holding bellyChiropractic care during pregnancy is a safe and effective way to relieve the pain and discomfort that can arise as your body grows and changes to accommodate the baby’s needs.

Though it’s a magical time in your life, being pregnant can take a serious toll on your body. It can cause new and different aches and pains that you’ve never experienced before in your joints and muscles, and it can make daily activities uncomfortable.

You don’t have to suffer, however, as chiropractic care greatly benefits moms-to-be. From addressing low back pain to sciatica and even nausea, chiropractic can be the answer to many of the symptoms that accompany pregnancy.

Reduce Your Low Back Pain

The biggest complaint our pregnant patients have is lower back pain. During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes, including developmental and hormonal changes. Many of your ligaments may shift, and many women experience low back pain as a result.

Our job is to address these issues and help make your pregnancy experience enjoyable and comfortable. By getting consistent chiropractic care, we can correct the misalignments contributing to your aches and pains so that you can enjoy a much more comfortable pregnancy.

Pregnant woman

Improve the Birthing Experience

We also help the alignment and structure of your pelvis through chiropractic adjustments. This means that your baby has more room, and the baby’s delivery may be much smoother.

Chiropractic adjustments relieve pressure off nerves, and nerves are what direct the functioning of every single system, organ, and tissue in your body. This allows your body to communicate properly so your baby can develop optimally. Other benefits of prenatal chiropractic care include controlling symptoms of nausea, reducing the time of labor and delivery, and preventing a cesarean delivery.

Webster Technique Certified

You can rest assured knowing that all of our doctors are experienced in treating pregnant women and children at Corsentino Chiropractic. Dr. Jenifer Leber has earned an extra certification in the Webster Technique, a chiropractic analysis that balances Mom’s pelvis, eliminating tension on the muscles and ligaments of the uterus.

Our comprehensive chiropractic treatment plans optimize your health and comfort, alleviate pregnancy-related discomfort, and promote optimal alignment and function of the spine and pelvis to facilitate a smoother pregnancy and childbirth experience.

Our adjusting tables are equipped so the mom can easily lie face-down without pressure on the baby. This allows our doctors to be able to give her the best adjustment possible.

We also provide tips for exercise and stretches that are safe and helpful during pregnancy.

Enjoy Your Pregnancy, Without the Pain

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life, but it can also be a painful and uncomfortable one. Through chiropractic care, we help women put the joy back into this wonderful time in their lives and allow them to live in the moment, soaking in all the goodness without pain and discomfort.

It’s never too late into a pregnancy to begin chiropractic care. Contact us today to get started!

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