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Chiropractor Mobile, Dr. Jonathan Krause

Meet Dr. Jonathan Krause

Getting Results From Chiropractic

Dr. Krause’s path to Corsentino Chiropractic began at Palmer Junior college in Davenport, Iowa. All his life, he suffered from terrible allergies, which worsened when he moved to the farm belt. A friend in his final year of chiropractic college gave Dr. Krause an adjustment. Within minutes, his symptoms were gone and stayed at bay for years.

After, Dr. Krause enrolled at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. Upon earning his Doctor of Chiropractic, he worked in places such as Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Columbia, South Carolina. Following a move to Denver, he began looking more into his passion: nutrition. Dr. Krause became a board-certified naturopathic physician and opened several nutrition stores in town. His time there allowed him to learn a tremendous amount about supplements and herbal remedies.

There isn’t a single thing that heals us. I look for any way I can to help people achieve their health goals.

Using All Possible Tools to Help You

Dr. Krause takes you beyond your symptoms and masking pain. He likens pain and dysfunction to the engine light of your car going on. If you disconnect the light, you don’t address the problem. Over time, it worsens until your car won’t run. Rather than thinking about how to make your symptoms disappear, he will use several modalities to help you get results and maintain your progress for your lifetime.

I consider myself a chiropractor and a counselor. Sometimes, people need a listening ear more than anything else.

The additional qualifications Dr. Krause holds include

  • Board-certified naturopathic physician
  • Whiplash certification from the San Diego Spine Research Institute
  • Independent medical examiner
  • Nutrition certifications


Enjoying Life in Our Community

Dr. Krause’s wife is originally from Mobile, which is what brought them back to our community. They love doing various activities in our area. In his spare time, Dr. Krause likes to tinker in the garage building or fixing things. He enjoys visiting family and friends or getting out on the golf course.

We’re Open Late

We have flexible hours and are here for you on Saturdays. Contact us now to schedule your appointment!

Dr. Jonathan Krause | (251) 445-2295